Television & Social Media

Raise your hand if you have ever been watching a television show, and someone on social media ruined the ending for you! Me! While content for blogs is key, you have to find the correct content so that it will keep your followers coming back again and again.

Television and social media now go hand and hand, like all other businesses, social media is the way to stay afloat and on top of your game. Not only can you follow a television show through ways of social media accounts, but now you can even follow the characters themselves. The only issue is, spoilers are everywhere! This again comes down to content, you want to boast your show, but you don’t want it to turn people away. Alternatives to posting about just recent episodes that have been successful include character interviews, asking questions of the audience and of course, possible sneak previews. “More isn’t necessarily better when it comes to content.  Produce high quality content to share on social media – the kind of content that provides value to your customers” (Totka, 2016). While content is key, so is the correct consistency. A lot of posts does not mean it is the content people want to see – this is the key to driving success, determining what content is the right content to have followers return.

As many of you may be aware, the newest season of Game of Thrones is currently airing and if you happen to be busy on a Sunday night, it is most likely you won’t be able to hide from spoilers if you even glimpse at social media. This is to be expected, people post relevant pop culture on social media and this may be the thee most viewed show in the country. It’s hard not to look! Leslie Jones has a small clip called “Game of Jones” in which she humorously comments on the most recent episode as she watches. While it is absolutely hilarious, don’t watch if you haven’t seen the episode! This is just one example of content though, it was something humorous and different – it made me go check out their platform AND made me want to return!

Social media was actually what started me up on watching the show, I just wanted to know what all the rage was about and now I am hooked! If you want to get in on the action (which I highly suggest) be weary of social media! No matter what – some page you follow will find a way to leak a detail! Social media television etiquette rarely exist, so go on and watch but keep your eyes peeled for spoilers!

Let’s Talk Fitness!

It looks like the summer is just about halfway through, but that won’t stop social media fitness guru’s from reminding you of what you could look like by summer’s end! There used to be major challenges that faced this industry as there was no way of reaching new audiences even if you did have an amazing program to offer. But now with all the different social media platforms, you can virtually reach any fitness audience!

Fitness enthusiast have benefitted from social media possibly more than any other industry, for now any trainer, nutritionist or start-up professional can show their tactics to everyone without ever having to meet them! I myself follow several fitness guru’s and because of it, I have actually bought into their programs! What they do is give you a quick glimpse into their routines and showcase others who have gone all in and what their results look like. In other words, they show how their program will work for you! One of the many challenges they face although social media has been helpful, is pushing their program over others. What sets your program apart from the next person? Now that EVERYONE boast their programs and how they can help you achieve your goals – how do you set yourself apart? These 3 fitness and social guru’s below will show you!


Transformation Specialist, Ryan Spiteri (featured above), makes his living off of his diet and workout plans that he sells to customers. While his program is great, social media has been what has really captured his audience. With over 1 million followers on Instagram and thousands on Snapchat, you can follow him around all day and witness what he eats, how he work out’s and overall – how he looks and feels so incredible! After seeing his clients Week 1 to Week 8 transformations, its quite tempting to want to get in on the action! At just $69, Ryan will connect with you personally by email (since he is based in Australia) and will create a personalized plan for you that will transform your body and the ability to gain confidence. From his social media platform, his customers boast the personal relationship you can develop with him and how he has catered to thousands of individuals world wide.


Lifestyle coach, Brenton Ross, runs a social media platform called “Brenton Ross Fitness” in which he actually gives you daily workouts every day. However, if you purchase his fitness plan, he shows you how you can eat a full pizza once a month and still look as chiseled as he! Another great platform he uses based off his Instagram is his connection to Support Barrow, a brain tumor support group. While this is also a fitness account, he shows you how personable he is and how he relates to the community, a well planned marketing strategy!


Lastly, Evan Childs, Alpha Female Coach, connects her personal social media with her fitness business. Again, this shows how personable she is but she also shows how getting into the best shape of your life can be well, fun! With a mix of her expertise along with a bit of humor, she got me to become one of her Alpha Females! Another great way she uses her social media platform is to applaud her past clients on their progress which shows how she keeps up with them and doesn’t just drop off with them after they’re done her program. She constantly even posts pictures working out with her clients as she opens her gym to any and all of them if they’re in the Tampa area and want a good butt-kicking workout!

Social media fitness will continue to keep growing, it is a great way to keep up on the new trends as well as develop real relationships with fitness professionals! Hop on the bandwagon now!

Summertime Social Media

I recently just returned from a camping trip in which me and 15 of my friends went floating down the Saco River. It was an absolute blast! Today, a day later, I received an email from the company saying if I posted a photo to their Facebook and received the most likes, I would win a $200 credit towards next years trip. This got me thinking, how do seasonal summer activities utilize social media in a way that not only see’s returning customers, but allows its current customers to market for them?

The Saco River Tubing Company utilizes their Facebook platform to have their customers boast the wonderful experience they offer for them. Who better to sell what a relaxing, fun day of tubing entails better than the actual customers themselves! This way, you hear strait from the source whether it was something you’d be enticed to try. As you can see from one customers post below, her social media friends wanted to know about her experience to see if it was something they should explore. In terms of measuring your success, you can do such promotions as “refer a friend” that way you can measure not only returning customers, but also the business they are bringing in for you!

tubing face
Saco River Tubing Company allowing their customers to boast the experience offered for them!


Going off the topic of summer fun activities, I started looking into other experience based companies to see how they raises awareness for their offerings. I found one that particularly stood out, the organization was called “Camp No Counselors”.


Camp No Counselors offers everyone 21+ the summer camp experience you wish you had as a child but for adults! Every time I see a post from CNC, I actually get a bit jealous and wish I could join in the fun! They offer you a chance to not only revisit your childhood, but do so with more adult like activities. With activities such as slip n’ slide softball, the blob, wakeboarding and different theme parties nightly, CNC offers a little something for everyone who is looking for a weekend away.

Summer (or seasonal) activities have tremendously benefitted from the emergence of social media. Their customers are now their biggest marketers as they really show through pictures and post what they thought of their experience!

Social Media On Tap

Yes, you heard me right! Beer lovers all around the world use social media as a platform to discover new trends and new tastes!

For smaller breweries, harnessing social media is an essential way to channel a local growth within their own community. Living in Boston, I have seen the craft beer boom evolve with my own two eyes as I have grown older. New breweries keeping popping up one by one, and whether they’re celebrating their 1 year anniversary or their 30th, social media has been an avid channel to show off their brand and have people returning for more.

Beer is social, so why shouldn’t marketers of these breweries base their strategies of the wants of their consumers? As you can see below, Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA does a fantastic job at using their Instagram social media as a ways of presenting their new beers that are available only for a limited time. Not only do they have a weekly beer release, but by using the build up that it is a limited release and will sell out soon, well it does! Not only does this grab the attention of beer lovers who need to have the limited edition cans, but it also gets people back in the taproom to try new beers!

A limited release beer sold out in just an hour thanks to the social media post from Night Shift Brewery

Another Boston based brewery that does a wonderful job using their social media platform – but in a slightly different manner – is Harpoon Brewery in the seaport. Harpoon is known for its their wonderful festivals that they put on at different times of the year. Through ways of Instagram & Facebook, Harpoon boast the experience by showing you what you are missing, which perhaps may just be one of their beers! Not only do they post pictures of their upcoming events and make you feel like you have to join in on the fun, but they also create a sensation that forces the consumer to feel like a Harpoon beer would shape any type of event! Harpoon tries to make you feel something towards their brand, they are the perfect way to celebrate a holiday, compliment a summer afternoon, or even finish off a long hike!

Harpoon making the consumer feel as if there is no way to better end a hike than by cracking open an awesome can of Camp Wannamango!

Lastly, the breweries have been using social media to their advantage in such a way that if you like their beer, they point you in the direction of where they can find it! We all know we can’t go into the brewery every week to grab our favorite beer, but with the help of the locations websites, Twitters, Instagram’s, Facebook’s and even new brewery apps, you can find exact where your favorite beers are being sold!

From the most well-known beer aficionado to the person still acquiring a taste, social media for new breweries is a way into the local market. Once you have an in with the locals and they are exposed to all the tasty delights you offer – there is no telling how far you will climb!



Social Media Tools

A brief look into social media tools available today!

Platform integration may seem simple, but it is the 1st and most effective way to integrate all your channels while allowing all markets to view your material! This is my very first blog post and through social media integration, it will not only be available here, but on other various platforms for people’s viewing pleasure! Dashboards allow you to view all the different posts you may be putting up and also enables the person or business keep up with all the activities.

Integration leads to another very special tool – Monitoring & Listening. No matter what the focus of your social media strategy is, it is critical to understand how your businesses image is coming across to followers, consumers and other users. Your social media posts will be a reflection of your brand and therefore to keep up in your industry against competitors, this is a vital tool. Though monitoring and listening are used interchangeably, they do differ from one another. Monitoring is used to keep track of the conversations that is already occurring surrounding your brand while listening is about trying to find those conversations to integrate within. Being in the social media conversation is important, but keeping it going and making sure you find new opportunities is just as vital in order to keep up. Many older businesses have come out of the woodworks through means of updating their social media platforms, they learn they can keep their current clients while also touching an entirely new market.

Engagement is the final tool of the day! Engagement is increasingly taking over the social media world. Believe it or not, social media now needs to be actually SOCIAL! No longer can you just post and leave it for everyone to see, you must engage with the active commenters and followers. Without responses in relation to these post, it is hard to interact with fans or followers. This is also the easiest tool in terms of finding new opportunities. Sometimes the opportunities can find you just as easy as you can find them if you’re looking in the right spots!

There is more to come regarding the social media world, I am currently beginning my social media journey – come join it with me!